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We sell both wood, light gauge steel, and structural timber trusses for roof and floor applications.

We provide products for residential, commercial, and agricultural projects.

Our wood trusses can be built with spans from 2' to 85'.

We use lumber sizes from 2x4 to 2x10, depending on the span and loading involved. 

Lumber species used are yellow pine, spruce-pine-fir and fir-larch. 

Lumber grades range from stud grade for webs to 2400 MSR grade for chords.

Light gauge steel trusses are made with galvanized steel,

 with gauges 14 to 20 depending on spans and loading. 

The steel comes in sizes that are similar to dimension lumber. 

Possible spans that can be achieved are similar to wood, up to 80' in some cases.


Please call or email for more information about your particular application.




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